Welcome to the McGill Mentor Program, a joint initiative of University Advancement (UA) and the McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS).

Would you like to volunteer to be a mentor to a current McGill student in order to help him or her reach their career goals? The McGill Mentor Program, in existence for over 15 years, has matched hundreds of McGill alumni with students. Mentors have helped students in their search for advice, direction and a glimpse of reality in regards to what their futures might have in store. Meetings between mentor and mentee are as flexible as the participants desire them to be: they can occur as often as is convenient to both and range from casual exchanges to formal meetings to email exchanges to telephone calls. So you donít have to live in Montreal to be a mentor. Whether you just graduated last year or 50 years ago, please consider helping a McGill student.

To view the detailed Guide for Mentors, click here.

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We hope you will decide to give the benefit of your real-world experience to a McGill student or students.

When you are ready to apply, please fill out and submit our online Mentor Application Form (see below). Note that the fields in red are mandatory. Within two weeks, the information that you give in the sections below marked "Visible to students" will be put into an on-line Mentor Program database that students can access. You will be contacted should a suitable match with a student be made.

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The McGill University Mentor Program is committed to diversity.
*Students from underrepresented groups or minorities may prefer to be matched with someone who has expressed an interest in mentoring such a participant.
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